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September 13, 2013
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RD APP : KIZU by ShiiraaTorii RD APP : KIZU by ShiiraaTorii

//After 11 months I'm here for an update [ 6-30-14 ] I'll revamp him soon ~ I just kinda suck at everything and I hate everything so yeah everything is everything //papming

oh my , hi little old self I see on this application , it's nOT sO NICE TO SEE MY LAME PERSONALITY AHHAHA PLS KILL ME NAO o)--< //

He-Hey there gais--- :iconpapmingplz: me and my son here--- like-- 'I AM BACK BIATCHES' :iconboomnakedplz:



"....If I were to die , will anyone remember me?....maybe , yes...or one will... no one loves me anyways.... im just used as if i'm nothing...will it ever be changed? will i find happiness? like what others have that i don't? will i ever be loved and not be left on the darkness again? heh...what pathetic thoughts...this will never happen...I'm such an idiot to think of this nonsense...."

||•Name: Kotaro Izumi

||•Alias: Kizu

||•Age: 16 halfway to 17

||• Birthday: November 22

||• Gender: Male

||• Weapon: Throwing knives. About 15-20 of them.

||• Opinion: when he firstly woke up , knowing then he was sucked up in the game , he was first confused. But then , as he met new people and had discovered his new sides of personality , he grew to like and began loving this game. With all that exciting events and killing wolves , spreading blood everywhere , meeting other Rabbits and some few that are lucky to got to be his considered friends in the game that he likes to hang with.

||• Relationships :

π Family ::

Mother : Ran Izumi - his kind mother

Father: Goren Izumi - hardworking father

-----SCRATCH THE PARENTS-----I AM HIS PARENT :iconmingplz:

Lil' Sis: Yumi Izumi - his beloved sister whom he is overprotective

Big bro: Kuroma Katsura Izumi - HIZZ CRAZY BRO~


π Trusted Friends a.k.a. :iconpinksparklesplz: NURSE CREW :iconpinksparklesplz:

•Fukui Yukio : "h-hm...what to say with him... ifeelastrangefeelingonhimsoyeah... anditrusthimtoo "

°Ryo Shi - " well , he is kinda quiet sometimes and helpful. I call him sometimes 'Bandanna Guy' since he always wear a bandana in his mouth , ah , and he likes Mari btw--scratch that , he loves her---//punched" ME : AH-- THEY ARE TWINS SEPARATED AT BIRTH!! //SHOTMANYTIMES

°Zachary Dawson aka Zack - The one who saved me from mister bloody murder ax sack and proteins wolf. I was injured that time but he got to defend me . Thanks btw. Well , aside from that , he was one of my few really trusted rabbit friends. ewe."

°Maria - " //slapped// I'm not really fully trust her but , I still trust her halfway. //RAFFS"

°Naru : crowbar guy. That's all. Joke. I dunno , but ey , I still trust him , he does not really ask questions to me that much so yeah.

π does not trust yet a.k.a. 'I don't know you fully yet'

° Usagi - "one word. Tsun. "//bows and goes to another//

° Kaoru Yamamoto : "the strange guy who suddenly disappears and leaves his hat in a middle of a conversation or a fight with wolves. That's it. " Shairo- here , if my son ever know his name 'Zivan' Kizu will call him 'Zi-chan' :iconheplz:

° Kayuu : I usually call him Yuu-chan or Mango-kun. And the only thing I'll say to him as a describable word , is a bastard and a creep. :iconsawbplz:

°Tomohiro :: " :iconpokerfacememeplz: what to say again...................????

° Scarlett : "meh. All I know is nothing. :T

π Half Hated to full hated : :iconshiietplz:

•SHAYAN : :iconcryforeverplz: " M-make th-that dude s-s-stay away from me--- PROTECT ME ANIUEEEEEE--//RUNS TO KUROKUMA AND PARENTS //AKA SHAIRO// "

π HATED. :iconhahaveryfunnyplz:

°Kaede : "this little son of a bastard. Who almost broke my foot. Bumped me on a deserted hallway, dropping his little stupid hammer. The most creepiest person I have met for a while. I DUN EVEN KNOW HIS FRIGGIN BLOODY NAME.. :icondeathglareplz:

°MISTER WOLF--- " FOR RABBITS SAKE HE ALMOST FREAKING KILLED ME . IF NOT FOR ZACK. WITH THAT FREAKISH SACK OF BLOOD AND NAPKINS WITH PROTEINS HE SAY AND HUMAN PARTS----- :iconcryforeverplz: " :iconskankyplz: he hasn't met him in the AU times yet---- :iconmingplz:

||• Personality:

He got different sides of personality gais- :iconskankyplz:

√Normal ; as it says. His normal state. Where him and his sanity is still on good terms. Quiet , minimal movements , expressionless , and clueless.

√Cookie taimu~: This one side that got him. Cookies . If anyone ever say the word food. He will immediately volunteer on finding the Cookies. THEY ARE PRECIOUS. If anyone got a pack of cookies , he will glomp him or her and please either a guy and a gurl with his puppy dog eyes for that sweet precious , cookie. eue

√Psycho : this side only comes out when he sees a flow , or rather , lots of blood or another way to come out, exciting killing spree on wolves. If you got any chance to meet him in this side , he will always smirk and laugh like "kukuku~ " "Fufufu~" "gehe~" and his blurred red eyes will glow crimson red . He will scatter blood in any other way around and laugh as this crimson red liquid splattered all over his clothes , licking his lovely knives covered in blood.

√Matchmake time: this is the duo of matchmaker Yukio. The one of the few who comes out and giggle all the way , who is planning to pair some people with matchi maeki Yukio , who are denying their love for each other--

√playful : this side did sometimes come out and this is evil. He will play pranks on you like that one time on the baths where Kizu splashed water on Yukio and Pushing him off to the hot water pool ad threwing him off to the large pool. While he was drowned.

I'm gonna find more sideeessss :iconskankyplz:

||• Likes/Dislikes:

+teddy bears
+fluffy things
+lazing around
+pulling pranks when in the mood
+soaking in hot water
+his lil sister
+hair pins //he got 5 currently on his head ouo//
+walking around
+killing wolves
+blood blood blood blood blood so Much blood

-Hammers //because of Kaede//
-Mister bloody murder a.k.a Mister Wolf
- being bored out of hell
- so much spicy things
- wolves
-slashy sparkly things
- gonna add more...


Kizu is a normal Highschool student somewhere in Japan. He usually hang out with some of his classmates when he is free and is Living Alone.

Why is he living alone?

Well , A month before high school starts , his family was sent an invitation to a school far away from his home , it was a well teached school , Her mother said that it’s okay since they can send emails and letters through their cell so he packed his things and went to the said school.

Arriving there , He was surprised that there is one of his childhood friend , [insert Ribbon-girl’s character name here] . Since then , they hang out with each other and other classmates , going to different shops and everything else. He is usually is quiet within the group , and is always in the top students when in school. He was just living alone in an apartment which is near the school. Everything was normal.

Kizu , sending everyday her mom an email , Meeting some of his classmates , Hanging out , shopping , and studying.

Normal routine.

Nothing out of normal.

But then , One day , while hanging out with ‘some’ of his classmates [He is wearing his usual clothes that is a blazer w/ full of knives for protection, a white button up shirt , and black pants] , he got a text message ,

‘ One new message!

‘Weird , who on Earth knows my number if he/she’s an anonymous?! ‘ He thought , as he opened it , there suddenly popped ‘Rabbit Doubt’ , ‘A game??’ He asked himself , he got a little bit creep out because of the rabbit that is hanging of a rope in the screen . There were just two options… a ‘Yes’ and a ‘No’ , ‘There is no exit?’ He asked himself again. He got down to the ‘No’ button , but maybe , just maybe, this is an exciting game since he is bored out of his life , deciding , he clicked the ‘Yes’ button . But suddenly the ‘game’ suddenly disappeared and his phone turned normal. ‘heh , so just an Ad eh?’ He sighed and just closed his phone. Not exciting.

As it got dark , the group of friends parted ways and said goodbye to each other returning to their homes while Kizu returned to his own house , which he is alone. He changed into his night clothes and slept.
---‘w—where am i---it is co ,,, ld--

He felt a cold sensation. He also felt that where he is laying is hard and rubbish. As he woke up he thought that he is outside. Maybe. But as he looked around, confused and a little bit frightened , It was veeerryyy dark , then , he saw his phone , just there , lying on the ground. But something creeped him out more. On the screen , there are written words with a weird shadow with red eyes is there.

Enjoy the game , Little Rabbit!~ ‘

‘Is this even a dream’ He questioned himself , he pinched himself. It hurt. So this is not a dream. He got his phone and snapped it shut. Noticing the Rabbit charm. ‘Where the heck did that came from?!’ He didn’t had that yesterday …. Right? . The only thing that he is glad about is that , he is wearing his Black blazer that got his knives , and it is all complete there. All sharp and strong. He walked through the darkness , not knowing where the exit is as he wondered to the unknown place waiting for something to come….

Additional infos :

He likes to lick his knife

An official member of the nurse crew , yes but meh

Has 20 knives on his vest. Eight he usually use while the other twelve are extras for when he lose some of it. But he will find it soon. HE GOT KNIFE DETECTOR--//SLAPPED

Kizu kiss stolen list something.:

•1st kiss: stolen by Kayuu
•2nd kiss : stolen by bastard Kayuu
•3rd kiss : stolen by the bastardo Kayuu
•4th kiss : stolen by----i mean got by Yukio---//SLAPPED SO MUUUUCCCHHHHH//
•5th kiss : NONE.

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