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TH : Haruhi by ShiiraaTorii TH : Haruhi by ShiiraaTorii
Name | Takanashi , Haruhi 
Nickname | Haru / Rui 

Gender | Male 
Sexuality | Bisexual 
Age | 16 
Grade | 1st grade 
Dormitory | Tamagawa 
Club | Music 

Likes | 
+ beanies/hats/caps w/ cute designs 
+ warm and calm weather 
+ soft and classical music 
+ Companionship 
+ kind persons around him 
+ friends 
+ cats 
+ cat ears 
+ oversized clothes 

Dislikes | 
x Bullies ( nope. Just nope. )
x Getting surprised by something horror-ish ( scaryyyy)
x Loud Noises ( its annoying ) 
x Rocks ( he hates tripping )
x Tba 

Personality |

O U T S I D E 

A cheerful , always smiling person. Just as much as he was , during childhood. He likes to make friends , and show that smile he always wears so no one would think he has a bad time. He is kind and likes to help other people too. Pretty much , he has a long patience. A very long one at that. But if anyone ever pissed him off like really , he would just smile and elbow the annoying person in the stomach. 

"Though I don't care if its a guy but if its a girl~~hmm...I'll smile and say shut up please and walk away~~ how's that? owo " 

He also likes having anyone take him for a walk. Not because its fun but , it also makes his bond with a friend he has stronger when doing something their rather like. Talk , go to shops , games! Fufu that would be fun if so. 

He may also be shy when meeting new people , and would rather wait for the person to start the conversation. It's been long since he had socialize ever since he was homeschooled. But then if he is in the mood , he would gladly approach someone to tour him or just chit chat for awhile.

I N S I D E 

A child who is craving for a parents' love. Both Mother and Father , but due to their divorce and his mother the one that got him , he never really got the chance to bond that much with her due to her responsibilities of him and her profession. He would want to make many friends as possible. 

Oh and by the way , he is clueless about relationships 


Biography | 

His Father was a great business man , and his mother is a famous designer while he , is their one and only child. Haruhi , despite having a rich family due to his parents' jobs , his parents is mostly gone due to their work and some business trips which makes them busy. But with all of that , he is happy. He may be alone by their home but if his parents do come home , they would spend their best with their sole child , having fun around parks , shops and walking around which made his habit of roaming around places. 

But those happiness didn't last as his parents got divorced from a fight. Its all because of his parents having a fight over him. On how they thought that their son is lonely and he got no one to be with when they were away. On how the other is soooo busy , not even looking onto their child. His dad got angry and said that , why don't they just end their relationship? With the sudden pressure , his mom had shouted well , why not? 

After that fight , came another fight on who will take care of Haruhi. They both loved their son but he can't be divided into two. His mother won on that and she has to take him away from his dad. Haruhi tried his best to make his parents not separate ways but , its useless. His mother just said things would not work out anymore. He was very saddened of this and due to the separation , he craved for his fathers' love , even with his mother giving her best for him. 

With his parents getting divorced , his mother continued on her career , and worked harder two times as much as what she did way back when they are still a complete family. That made Haruhi feel more lonelier as ever , with his friends being took away when they moved. He was also home tutored due to his mother's overprotectiveness over him. 

With all those years of home tutoring and a few bonding time with his mother , he tried to hide his sad and always frowning feature from his mother due to lack of love with his bright and cheerful personality , accompanied with that smile that is like plastered with his lips. He didn't want her to worry about him. He wants her to not have a hard time. 

But as time passes , his mother noticed this. She didn't told him but as soon as he turned sixteen , she had told him that she had already told his home tutor that she no longer needs anymore of the lessons and told him that she is going to enroll him into a boarding school. So he could have friends. She wants to see his true smile so she is doing the best for him. 

Haruhi was delighted that she is doing this for him but wouldnt that separate them more? His mother shrugged it off and said its for his own good. She wants him to be happy. If he is happy , she is happy. He was hesitating at first but agreed. 

"Highschool I go-!" 

Additional | 
- he sleeps with only a large jacket on ( u w u )
- he loves sweets 
- currently , he is trying to know how to play a guitar 
- he has a small bag full of scarfs and different kinds of beanies/hats/headgear stuff designed by his mother and is gifted to him 
- you can see him mostly walking around , staring at the ceiling or the sky 
- ALWAYS has a box or two of pocky in hand 

Quotes | 

"Would you want a piece of pocky?"
"NO! I won't go swimming!!!! D<<<" 

Relationships | currently none | to be added

Haruhi Takanashi (c) ChikyShiro-Tan
Art (c) ChikyShiro-Tan 
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